Postage Options for Small and Large Parcels

The best postal boxes for mailing are sturdy, easily opened, durable, leak proof, safe and, of course, available for international shipping. Most other packaging materials, including rigid cardboard boxes, aren’t strong enough to support the weight of many standard sized products. When a fragile item breaks or becomes damaged in transit, a Post Office box is the only way to safely re-access and recycle it. Boxes designed for international mailing are stronger and sturdier than traditional boxes because they are specially made for this purpose and have reinforced corners, bottoms and edges to protect your items. They don’t take up valuable real estate in your home, because they are designed as residential or commercial furniture items mailing bags.

It’s important to note that some postal boxes are available for business and commercial use, while others are strictly meant for mailing. Many of the commercial mailing options come in standard sizes, but there are several specialty sizes to choose from as well. These sizes and shapes are often referred to as ‘ecommerce’ or ‘e-boxes.’ These can come in different sizes and combinations. You can find styles and colors to fit any business or commercial setting.


Small to medium businesses will typically order two standard sizes of postal boxes to fit a single wall cardboard package. This is because shipping small parcels requires extra strength and extra space. Ordering two standard sizes for your mailing needs will allow you to reduce the number of packages you need to prepare for shipping and save time when your packages are delivered postal boxes.


If your small to medium business is anticipating shipments of larger items, such as furniture or electronics, then you should look for custom or oversized mailboxes. These are typically larger, heavier and more durable than your average postal boxes, and are best suited for large and unexpected shipments. If you’re looking for the best postal boxes to fit your needs, you may want to start by researching your nearest post office. Many post offices offer a wide variety of sizes and styles that will best suit your particular needs.


Online retailers and companies that ship internationally can often get their hands on high quality postal boxes that may be used for international mailing. These postal packaging solutions come in large letter boxes that meet size requirements for any shipment, whether it’s a large letter or a single file package. They can also offer convenient packaging options, such as padded envelopes and bubble wrap for your shipping needs. International shipping has become more popular over the years, which means that these specially designed postal packages are a great way to ensure your packages arrive safely and on time.


Small to medium businesses can purchase postage for their mailing needs at the post office and then apply a stamp to the envelope they are mailing with. However, many individuals and businesses prefer to purchase their own postage online so that they can select from a variety of large letter boxes and even choose from several different postage rates. When purchasing postage online, you’ll find that there are a number of reputable postal services to choose from. These services will offer a vast selection of sizes, styles, and even special discounts to help you save on the cost of your next large letter or package.